Sometimes, when Gurjot feels strongly about something she writes what's been known to be called "The White Paper." It hails from her consulting days where a white paper would be considered the technical document that contains all the facts, features and benefits, usually, for software. In this case, it's fabric. That's how passionate Gurjot is about fabric.

So, if you are interested in the details - from Gurjot's desk: The Fabric White Paper

The bottom line is that fabrics with natural fibers (wool, silk, cotton, linen) simply make you look better. They reflect light beautifully, have a natural resilience that avoids wrinkling, and create a feeling of luxury and confidence for the wearer.

Synthetic fabrics (polyester, tri-acetate, and countless variations) may allow for stretch, but they degrade quickly after a few dry cleanings, do not reflect the level of sophistication that a career woman or man wants to convey, and do not last.

It's time to get smart about fabric and invest in lasting beauty and luxury. We offer Super 100 to Super 180 lightweight Italian and English wools that are simply not available to women at retail.

Feeling is believing, so request a swatch and you will instantly know what we mean.

Take a moment to look through our gallery of fabric images above. See their beauty and richness, and imagine what it would feel like to wear them.

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The Fabric White Paper

We believe in quality fabric. What does that mean, exactly?

Quality fabric is natural

Quality means beautiful, luxurious fabrics made from natural fibers, like wool and silk, not man-made fabrics like polyester.

We believe in lightweight year-round wools that skim your body and are tailored to your beautiful shape. Instead of being heavy or scratchy, this wool is light, soft, and silky to the touch. It reflects light instead of absorbing it and truly showcases the wearer. It's what successful men have been wearing for centuries, and now Gurjot New York is offering it to women professionals for the first time.

The presence of polyester in a piece can definitely give it some helpful stretch (I'm OK with up to 3%), but more than 20% polyester in a piece starts to degrade the look and longevity. Dry clean it a bit and it loses shape and gets shiny. Polyester prevents your body from breathing and can make you sweat and smell. That's certainly not the reflection of our best selves.

I learned about fabric quality as I was developing the Gurjot New York collection. I researched best practices from menswear, which has a long history of custom tailoring and perfect fit. I actually tried on a Brioni men's jacket at Bergdorf's and was stunned at how great it looked because of the fabric and the beautiful construction. I couldn't believe that I had never seen fabric like this in a woman's suit!

We also love beautiful silks, linens, cashmeres and cottons. All of these fabrics breathe and keep you cool when you need it. They don't over-insulate and make you hot like polyester. They are available in countless patterns and solids, allowing you to choose a look that is uniquely special to you.

At Gurjot New York, we are committed to sourcing and providing you with the highest quality, most beautiful fabrics to dress you for some of the most important days of your life. Beautiful fabric not only feels great to the touch, but more importantly it makes YOU feel great. When we are on the front lines of our career everyday, we need all the comfort and confidence we can get!

Wool has a built-in resiliency

The wool I am obsessed with is not the heavy, scratchy wool you may remember from the uncomfortable suits of the 90s. Rather, this is fabric that you will never want to take off (especially because it is lined in silk!). It's truly decadent.

I have found that this high-quality wool has a natural resiliency. Sure you might pick up a wrinkle or two while sitting at your desk for hours, but get up and walk around and the wrinkles shake out.

Wool also lasts. You won't believe it but I am still wearing the suits I made when I first started the collection years ago. The quality lasts. I am gentle on my pieces and prefer to steam them over excessive dry cleaning, but still, the longevity of natural fibers is remarkable, and your ultimate cost per wear is minimal.

Tailoring is the finishing touch

Some brands will have you believe that because we have curves, we can only wear fabrics with stretch. This is not true. Buying into the stretch-only (polyester) option relegates us to much lower quality fabrics. The key to great fit is great tailoring, and great patterns as a starting point.

We have developed all of our designs and patterns in-house using a fit model of average American proportions. We have taken our beautiful fabrics and tailored them to fit perfectly. As a result, our Ready collection fits so many people off-the-rack. At Gurjot New York, our goal is to develop a pattern that fits your body and your curves with an impeccable look. But then again, you are worth it.

Why you can't find this at retail or online

Fabric of the level I am discussing is not typically offered to women at traditional retail or online stores. It's shocking to me that we have made it as professionals, but our dressing options have not kept up. Instead of offering long-lasting suiting options, most retailers focus on quantity over quality. Instead of creating something timeless, they focus on following trends that will be outdated in a few months. At Gurjot New York, we understand how important it is to look the part for your career, and we are dedicated to creating quality, timeless pieces that can take you to the next level.

Creating great suiting from luxury fabrics takes time and effort. Something not seen in today's world of fast fashion, but something that we at Gurjot New York have been committed to since 2010.