Gurjot isn’t just a brand, it’s an experience. With a professional look and a luxurious feel, I literally wear my a-game from the time I get dressed through the hurdles of the day into the evening without hesitation. Putting on my Gurjot dress brings me to a place of comfort and confidence, allowing me to focus on the business at hand, not whats happening with my outfit throughout the day.

Francine S.
New York, NY

I wore my new dress yesterday and I have not received that much attention in a long time. Seriously. It was funny, I certainly received compliments at the office but as I walked to work--and I am not kidding--I was getting looks from men and women that I don't recall getting for a very long time. Funny. It was cool. I told everyone I met an awesome designer in NYC.

Laura G.
Washingtion, DC

Wearing Gurjot’s creations, I completely understand what she means by “your life is your runway.” I feel comfortable and confident, the way I want to feel in any business or other setting. I cannot recommend her more highly.

I met Gurjot two years ago, when I was looking for a designer to make a business suit for me and by a stroke of luck came across her website. An executive business woman designing executive business clothing for women? This fantastic idea became real the moment I walked in to Gurjot’s studio. She welcomed me warmly with an infectious sense of fun and a passionate vision of what custom design and tailoring should be. She listened and asked questions about my style. She advised on which looks would be most appealing and comfortable. I tried on everything possible in her showroom, wishing I could have taken home the entire collection. After I got to play fashion model for a few hours, Gurjot helped me make sensible and elegant selections. On another occasion, we pored over swatches of Italian wools and her exquisite, signature silks to find the best combinations of fabrics and colors.

Fast forward to this year, my partner asked Gurjot if she would be willing to design his daughter’s wedding dress. This was to be truly a bespoke design and experience, as his daughter is in a wheelchair and had been unable to find any dresses elsewhere that suited her needs and tastes. Gurjot signed on to the project enthusiastically and flew several times to Washington, DC for consultations and fittings. She brought with her unique design ideas, impeccable tailoring, and great intuition. The bride-to-be could not have been more pleased with the process and the results. The wedding is scheduled for July, and I know she will be as thrilled as I was when I first I wore a dress of the beauty and caliber Gurjot brings to all her pieces.

If you, too, are looking for custom tailoring, don’t hesitate to make an appointment with Gurjot. You will love the experience of working with her and relish the treasures she makes, which you will wear for years to come.

Washington, DC

I needed a light weight suit that would be comfortable in Asian summers and would fit my size. Gurjot helped me pick out the fabrics and design and measured me for a custom suit. I am thrilled with the result - a sharp looking jacket and trousers that fit perfectly both with high quality materials and workmanship. Definitely, the best suit I’ve ever purchased.

Rob F.
New York, NY

Gurjot designed a gorgeous wedding gown for me: shimmering, elegant, and fun. She worked thoughtfully and painstakingly to suit my dress to my body and to make it easy and comfortable to wear. Gurjot's kindness, creativity, and careful eye for detail made the design and fitting process something I looked forward to. Best of all, the finished gown looked and felt exactly right—and was more beautiful than I could have imagined. Thank you, Gurjot, for helping me to be a lovely bride on the day I married my beloved. I will always be grateful to you and your team!

Claire D.
Washington, DC

Your armor got me through a lot.

Elizabeth M.
Washington, DC